Education institution of social correction „Naukšēni”
About school

In the 1998 Education institution of social correction „Naukšēni” first started to work. At the beginning it was created only for girls aged 11-18 but after year 2006 also boys aged 11 -14 started to become “Naukšēni” students.  After elimination of social correction institution „Strautiņi” which was the second institution in Latvia for young offenders, „Naukšēni” became the only place in Latvia where teenage children with behavior problems can undergo their judgement and improve their behavior.

Institution “Naukšēni” is located in county Naukšēni in historically beautiful place – Naukšēnu manor. It is a two-story manor house located in Naukšēni municipality, Naukšēni parish, northern Latvia. Beautiful park of manor, rural silence and peace encourage students to improve their social and pedagogical skills. Institution’s pride is it's diversity of social correction classes. For example students can learn culinary, clothing design, woodworking, motor engineering/building, metalworking, information technologies etc.

The goal of Education institution of social correction „Naukšēni” is to create protection for children providing necessary conditions for their development and welfare.


Education institution of social correction “Naukšēni”, “Naukšēni manor”, parish Naukšēni, county Naukšēni, postal code: LV 4244, Latvia.


Email:, phone: +371 64268154

Director: Didzis Čākurs, +371 64268154, mobile phone: +371 29293630